Chantal’s Story of Courage
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Chantal’s story

Losing a loved one to cancer is a difficult experience. Chantal, like many others, has watched a loved one struggle through a cancer diagnosis, treatment and loss. In loving memory of her mother, whom she lost six years ago, Chantal has been participating in Relay for Life every year. This is a 12 hour walk that supports the Canadian Cancer Society.

Since she started participating in Relay for Life, Chantal has received incredible support from family, friends and colleagues. Every year, her entire office donates to help her fundraising efforts. Her passion for the cause shines through and inspires everyone around her.

Why did you walk in Relay for Life?

The walk is a way for me to pay tribute to my mother, and it reminds me of all the loving and exciting moments we spent together. It’s also a good way for me to support the Canadian Cancer society; the work they do helps so many people who struggle with cancer and their families.

How did you manage to walk for so long?

Many people ask me that, but what I’ve always said is “what is it to walk for 12 hours, have sore legs and be tired, when people with cancer are fighting it 24 hours a day?”

How has your mother shaped your life?

My mother inspired me to be grateful for life and to support those who are currently fighting cancer, those who are in remission and those who will have it in the future. Caring for my mother opened my eyes to the struggle of others and taught me to be a more compassionate person.


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