A conversation about youth homelessness

At FCT, we’re invested in making a difference in the fight against youth homelessness. This year, we worked very closely with nine organizations across Canada who are on the front lines in the battle against youth homelessness. These community groups provide food, shelter and emotional support to many youths in need.

We had the privilege of speaking with some of them about the reasons for youth homelessness, its impact on the young people affected and some practical steps to seriously address the issue and change the status quo.

While not all of our nine partners were able to participate, we thank them all for the unceasing work they do.  It is both good and necessary.

FCT gives back during Covid and throughout the holiday season

For the nearly 40,000 homeless youths across Canada, hunger is a constant companion. It’s especially difficult right now when shelters are understaffed and under-funded. This holiday season we reached out to lend a hand to those in need.

Our holiday Share and Match Program was a great success! A big thank you to everyone who shared the post. Your willingness to participate has helped to make the season a little brighter for many young people in need.

With your help and our commitment, our community partners will receive a donation of $10,000. A welcome present, at a time when every little bit helps.

Thank you all once again.

Happy Holidays!


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