FCT in the community

FCT has always had a strong community spirit that stems from our core values of integrity, passion to serve, passion to exceed and thinking differently. We have a national volunteer team that supports our community initiatives, but ultimately it’s each and every employee who makes the biggest difference by taking time to get involved and participate.

The focus of our charitable efforts is youth homelessness. Youth are the leaders of tomorrow—they are future doctors, teachers, lawyers, firefighters, and so much more. We partner with organizations to make sure they get the future they deserve, by preventing youth homelessness and supporting youth who are homeless.

FCT faces off against youth homelessness in Mississauga, Ontario

We recently participated in Hockey Helps the Homeless, a hockey tournament to benefit a national charity that’s dedicated to long-term solutions to homelessness.

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Changing lives through helping hands

It is important to be a force for good in your community. At FCT, that is our mandate.

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