Hashim’s Story of Compassion

“I promised myself that if I had the chance, I would help someone in need.”

Hashim Jafree


Hashim’s story

When Hashim first arrived in Canada, he felt alone as he had no friends or immediate family in Canada. He decided to reach out to a relative—but unfortunately, his relative was too busy to meet him. Hashim felt overwhelmed with emotion and disappointment. He promised himself that if he ever came across someone in a similar situation, he would do everything he could to help them.

Hashim learned of a visitor from Pakistan, Rehan, who had a heart attack and was undergoing surgery while visiting Canada. He was reminded of the challenges he faced when he was new to Canada. He was quick to contact Rehan and started communicating with hospital staff to speed up Rehan’s recovery after surgery. Hashim also learned that Rehan wasn’t eating enough, so he found a volunteer to cook meals that not only met his new friend’s health requirements, but also his taste. Hashim went to visit Rehan in the hospital every day for three weeks, until he fully recovered and was able to travel back home.

How did you learn about Rehan and his situation?

I heard about Rehan through a friend. It took me back to when I was new to Canada and needed a little moral support in a country where I didn’t know anyone. I promised myself that if I had the chance, I would help someone in need.

How did your relationship with Rehan develop over time?

When I first went to visit Rehan at the hospital, he was hallucinating, upset and refusing to eat or drink anything. He was cautious with me initially–as he didn’t know me. But we became closer as time went on. I still keep in touch with him and his family, and it makes me happy to know that he is healthy and strong.

Was this your first experience helping a stranger?

I’ve helped people in other ways like volunteering and giving career advice, but this was a unique experience for me. I found it very rewarding to take time out of my day to help someone in need and would encourage everyone to do the same. You can make an even bigger impact on people’s lives than you would imagine.


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