Our people

Each and every one of us has a story to tell.
About moments that set us on a particular path—a defining moment—or things that make us unique.

Discover stories of compassion, strength, hope and courage. These stories of our employees encourage us to be better every day!

Diane’s Story
of Optimism

Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. At first, she was shocked and scared, and couldn’t even say the word “cancer” for a while…

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Heather’s Story
of Dedication

Heather watched her father suffer through seven long years of dialysis treatments before he finally got a life-saving kidney transplant…

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Tammy’s Story
of Charity

Tammy has been an integral part of the Moncton volunteer community for over three years…

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Emilia’s Story
of Advocacy

Emilia’s granddaughter, Zoe, was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating disease called Niemann-Pick, type C in 2017…

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Michelle’s Story
of Kindness

Michelle’s grandmother, Cecile Allain, always had a strong presence in her life. Growing up, Michelle spent a lot of time baking with her mother and grandmother…

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Karen’s Story
of Generosity

Karen has always enjoyed crafts, and when she was given a beautiful handmade blanket, she decided to learn to crochet…

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Hashim’s Story
of Compassion

When Hashim first arrived in Canada, he felt alone as he had no friends or immediate family in Canada. He decided to reach out to a relative—but unfortunately, his relative was too busy to meet him…

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Kevin’s Story
of Hope

Born at just 24 weeks, Kevin’s daughter weighed one pound, six ounces. Aubree was a micro preemie who had months of isolation, monitoring and surgeries ahead of her…

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