Tammy’s Story of Charity

“People living on the street need some support and it’s important they know they’re not alone.”

Tammy Mollins


Tammy’s story

Tammy has been an integral part of the Moncton volunteer community for over three years.

A friend introduced her to the Humanity Project, a non-profit that supports the needy in Moncton, in its early days and she started out by helping fill backpacks with winter survival kits for the homeless. Shocked at the need that existed in her very own community, Tammy went on to become one of the four core members of the organization.

She dedicates countless hours to supporting the local homeless population. Tammy volunteers on Sundays when over 150 people are given food, as well as holidays when homeless people and poverty-stricken families need a little extra help.

Tammy has inspired her family members with her passion for helping people and encouraged them to support those in need. Two of her children help prepare and serve meals and even donate their clothes.

Can you describe your first day volunteering with the organization?

On my first day, I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. It was a lot like a first day at a new job. I wasn’t expecting many people to be there—I thought there would be around 30-40. I figured if I didn’t see many homeless people on the streets, that meant there weren’t many. But that day we fed 120, including the homeless, working poor and seniors. This really opened my eyes to the need that existed right in our backyard!

How does it make you feel knowing that you’re helping so many people every week?

It is a good feeling knowing that you’re being a part of the solution. People living on the street need some support, and it’s important they know they’re not alone. I have learned so much from the people that come in from all walks of life and have heard all kinds of interesting stories.

Why is this particular cause so important to you?

There are so many misconceptions about homeless people—that they brought it on themselves or they’re drug addicts—but having spent time with them, I now know better. I understand some of the challenges they’ve faced and how they ended up here, and how anyone could end up here, really. This cause is important to me because there is a stigma attached to homelessness, and I want to be alongside people who are going to effect change.


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